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After having proposed to you our global strategic vision in this article ” Investment strategy 2019: The year of all possible against a background of questioning of financial globalization”, we propose to continue the reflection around the strategy 2019 dedicated to real estate investment.

This is obviously a global strategic thinking that we detail in our book “Investing in real estate “.

But before proposing my analysis for 2019, it seems useful to check, one year later, the relevance or not of the 2018 investment strategy presented in this article ” Real Estate Investment Strategy 2018: Real Estate obsolescence and Low credit rates are a source of opportunity. “

In this important article published in 2018, we analyzed the moment as particularly timely for the skilled real estate investor; that is, someone who can understand the evolution of society! In 2018, we have chosen to highlight the acceleration of real estate obsolescence as a result of taking into account the societal requirement of sustainable development. Now that you will be having the best investment management firm you will be able to have the best done there.

Some extracts that have a resonance particularly at this moment:

Real estate obsolescence is expected to accelerate in favor of real estate for uses and energy consumption in line with the new requirements of society. The real estate obsolescence will concern the energy obsolescence of the buildings with the objective of a generator housing net of energy by 2020 ..] It is also the obsolescence of the uses and the mutation of the demand of the owners according to the evolution of society. In my opinion, telecommuting, i.e. the ability for tertiary employees to no longer work near the headquarters of their company! Teleworking is the symbol of the dematerialization of communication nodes. The obsolescence of uses is also the pressure on the use of motor vehicles. Tomorrow, the requirement of sustainable development could be at the origin of a questioning of the individual vehicle and the excessive consumption of energy which is the direct consequence of it. The company could evolve to reduce mandatory travel. (ps: The electric vehicle does not change anything about it. What’s the point of electric rolling if the electrical energy comes from a coal-fired power plant?). Tomorrow, you may be required to own your own power plant. Investors who have anticipated may be able to get new income from the operation of their property. Simple things like a south-facing roof could become an essential element of valorization.

Mortgage rates still very low and lower than their natural rate are a major source of enrichment for the real estate investor (see ” Personalized and discounted rate of the best mortgage rates “). The negative interest rates which are the euthanasia of the rentiers, result in the enrichment of the borrower whose credit will be refunded by the inflation and the economic growth (ie the natural increase of its income either by the increase in wealth created collectively or the rise in prices). This situation is exceptional and it should not last forever, except to participate in a very high increase in real estate prices in the future. The real estate investor must take advantage of these excessively low rates to invest in real estate obsolescence.

Since real estate investment is a long-term investment, my 2019 strategic vision fully confirms these two major considerations that we were already developing in 2018 (and even in 2017 in part).

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Many students get depressed when thinking of a term paper they will have to write during the semester. They see the process of working on it as a hard and long-lasting. However, it can be much easier if a person knows all the details and methods on how to work on such an assignment. That is why here tries to describe the process of writing a term paper in details, that will probably help everyone who has or is going to have this task sooner or later. For additional information, visit this page.

Coming up with a Topic

The first thing to do when you receive a task to present a term paper at the end of the semester is to understand what it will be about. Of course, there are many differences between different faculties and specializations. For example, a student from chemical faculty will probably have to perform certain experiments and then just describe them with additional theory. A student who studies humanities and arts will have to be more theoretical without any practical examples, or, on the contrary, will have to present an artistic project with barely any theory included. Nevertheless, they both need to find a subject that is interesting and understandable for them.

Sometimes university or just certain professors provide students with a list of topics for a term paper. On one hand, it makes the process of choosing your topic easier. However, it limits the possibilities of investigations, plus it is highly likely that there is a stock of papers, written on your topic, and teachers are already bored to death with it. Anyway, it all depends on the student’s interest and their previous experience. Nevertheless, a term paper presupposes that a person who completes it will widen their knowledge while writing it.

The best way to find your perfect topic is to think of the most interesting subject a student had during the years of studying. After that, it is preferable to read about different aspects of that subject. A term paper should not have a too broad topic and too vague subject to base the study on. The subject of your term paper has to be specific (for example, “language” is not a suitable subject, and even “verbs” is not, but “adjectives for describing appearance” is a good subject to work on). It will show the depth of knowledge of a student. On the contrary, if one chooses a rather wide theme they will probably learn nothing new. They will just make a short representation of the problem without any specific investigation into it.

That is why a student should better read an encyclopedia article that describes different specific themes and theories of the subject and then find the one that is interesting and topical. Of course, it should not be forgotten that a subject of a term paper should be related to the present day situation in science.

Searching for Literature

In case a student takes a topic from the list, it is more than obvious where they should look for a literature needed to write a term paper. However, if a person has created their own topic, it will be a little bit harder, especially if there is no professor at the university who is focused on that field of science. Nevertheless, there are always certain possible ways out. A student can, as before, keep looking into the encyclopedias and search for bibliography there. Even Wikipedia has something to offer, because every article there has its own list of referred literature. When a person has found one book, the others will be easier to collect. However, it is preferable to write a term paper with a professor’s guidance. Therefore, a student should write about that subject which is at the same time the subject of interest of the professor in their university.

Working Process

After a person has defined a subject of the term paper and found the literature for it, they should start their work. One should keep in mind that a term paper cannot be completed in one day, so they should start in advance. First of all, a student should read the books needed for an understanding of their subject. This process can take a while and moreover, frankly speaking, it may be eternal. There are a lot of books and there is no chance that a person will read all of them in time.

That is why the best advice is that every page a person reads should be collected in a special notebook. What does it mean? While reading a book, a student should look for important statements and observations, and once found one should write them down and not forget to add a few more lines. Those lines should be the information about the book and the page where the statement was copied out from. That will help later to put the references in a term paper.

One more advice is that while working with a certain book, students should write down their own thoughts, too. Every paragraph or a chapter should be represented with a student’s thoughts about it. That will not only give a material for the future writing of a term paper, but also will help a person to memorize and understand better what they have just read.

After a while, a student should have a feeling that they know something on their subject now. That is when they start not only collecting material written by others, but also writing their own.

Succession of the Work

Firstly, before beginning to write this paper a student should think of the structure it should have. A term paper cannot look like an essay. It must have specific parts and common introduction and conclusion. It is often a mistake if one begins writing the paper with an introduction. Of course, it should be the first part of the term paper. However, it is better to formulate it at the end.

When trying to structure your work, you should think of the most crucial parts of your investigation. Do not make those parts unrelated to each other. The whole term paper should look complete and interconnected.

Start with three paragraphs and then add more if it appears to be necessary. Find your notebook with quotations and your thoughts and try to add them to your text. However, there should not be too many quotations. Otherwise, your term paper will look like a plain compilation of thoughts of others.

When you made your paragraphs, you can now write the introduction and the conclusion. Be specific, stress the point of the actuality of your work. Explain and describe the questions you have put when starting your work and the answers you came out with at the end. It is also important to mention the possible impact of your work and the ways of continuing your research in this field. Remember, you can use your term paper later when writing a master’s paper, that is why make it specific but not the one which settles all possible questions in that sphere of knowledge.

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Air conditioning systems need constant care, since this is the only way to achieve long-lasting and, most importantly, trouble-free operation. However, it should be understood that the maintenance and repair of air conditioners should be entrusted only to qualified craftsmen who do not make mistakes. With the best in aircon chemical wash this is the best.

Service maintenance can be divided into five stages:

  • an inspection followed by a drainage cleansing
  • putting in order of importance for the working system pressure
  • cleaning the evaporator and filters (actions regarding the indoor unit)
  • heat exchanger cleaning (actions related to the external unit)
  • filling with freon (this stage can be skipped)

The advantages of maintenance and repair of air conditioners

The service department of the company performs a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of air conditioners, semi-industrial and industrial split systems, etc. Works on repair and maintenance of these systems are carried out not only in USA and the USA region, but also in other regions of Russia. Repair and maintenance work is carried out not only in USA and the USA Region, but also in other regions of Russia. These works are carried out only by highly skilled workers, otherwise you risk not only disable the entire air conditioner, but also expose yourself to the risk of injury.

How is the maintenance and repair of air conditioners?

We have a staff of deep knowledge and work experience, and we use only proven modern equipment. In addition to knowledge, experience is an important factor for quality installation work. Thanks to the excellent developments, our team is engaged in any type of air conditioners, ranging from office to home and even industrial, which, as a rule, have a design that is much more complicated than a stationary one. Finer details are there with good at aircon repair now.

We perform maintenance and repair of air conditioners of precision and household type (wall split systems), duct, chillers and fan coils, VRV and VRF systems.

Reliability and durability of the air conditioner depends on its proper operation and timely maintenance and repair. Routine maintenance of air conditioners helps to prevent premature, and most importantly, unexpected equipment failure. Therefore, as a rule, maintenance is more economical than expensive repair of air conditioning.

The service center of the Air-conditioning and Ventilation department of Victel-Samara company repairs and maintains air conditioners and split-systems of such manufacturers as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Pioneer, Mitsubishi Electric, General Climate, Daikin, and so on.

Options for maintenance of air conditioners:

One-time maintenance

The cost of one-time repair maintenance of a split-system air conditioner in Samara is up to 4 kW – 1,900 dollars , more than 4 kW – 2,300 dollars,  more than 10 kW –  2,700 dollars,  not including the cost of spare parts (if the need arises).

Seasonal maintenance

The cost of seasonal maintenance of a split-system air conditioner (in Samara) is 2950 dollars, not including the cost of spare parts. In this case, our engineers produce 2 trips for scheduled maintenance (as a rule, 1 time in spring and 1 time in autumn) and emergency calls during the whole climatic season (spring-autumn). A valid emergency call is included in the maintenance amount.

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In order to promote the sales of their own online shop and to increase the awareness, more and more shop owners are resorting to search engine marketing (SEM). But contracts with relevant marketing agencies do not always contain all important regulations for the customer. But what must you pay particular attention to in SEM contracts?

Frequently, the advertising industry does not make a fuss about contractual agreements. The terms and the scope of services are usually discussed briefly on the phone or in the context of a pitch, whereby subsequently the agreed is at best held in the context of an offer or a short confirmation by fax. This applies equally to the online advertising industry.

This procedure works well in 90% of the cases. Occasionally there are discussions with the customer. Disputes between the agency and the customer are usually governed by renegotiations (discounts), which sometimes leave a bland connotation on both sides. Now you can have the best sem agency in singapore now.

Causes of action

The items of disputes are varied. Design services often involve the rights to work results. In search engine optimization, it is often the (missing) success. On the other hand, media agencies now and then have quarrels with customers about initially hidden, later uncovered kickbacks.

A common issue in search engine marketing contracts is the question of liability for infringement. If, for example, the advertiser is warned about the booking of third-party trademarks as a keyword on Google Ad-Words, the question arises as to whether the customer can claim the agency for the costs incurred.

In practice, SEM contracts in particular do not even provide a minimum level of customer and dispute security for disputes.

Regulatory objects

In the following, the essential regulations of a contract between a SEM agency and its customer are briefly described.


First of all, the definition of concrete performance is an integral part of every contract. It has its place in the order form or in an individually negotiated contract. Better options are there with the good at sem singapore also.

From the point of view of the agency, the narrowest performance definitions are recommended. The further and the more open the description of performance is, the further is the canon of possible breaches of duty, the greater the danger of being claimed for non-performance or bad performance.

A concretization of what is actually owed, is also recommended from the perspective of the customer. Only if the discussed is also reflected in the contract, the customer can realistically assess whether the agreed remuneration is appropriate.

In each case, who determines the selection of keywords and whether the agency is obliged to examine the posting of the keywords to the agreement with the applicable law should be regulated.

Compensation models

An important part of the contract is of course the regulation of the remuneration of the agency. There are different compensation models for the SEM contracts. Currently the most common is a monthly flat fee. It is also conceivable, however, an expense-related compensation for man-hours or individual services such as individual keyword campaigns. Finally, a performance-related remuneration can also be agreed upon, whereby it is advisable to define exactly what the concrete owed success is.